Balearic icon José Padilla dies at 64


The prolific DJ and musician has passed away following a battle with colon cancer. Regarded as one of the founding fathers of the Balearic movement on Ibiza his sets at the likes of Café del Mar were some of the most inspired on the island and encouraged a wave of dj’s to dig deeper and explore music beyond the confines of house, disco and techno integrating new sounds and styles into their sets. 

José Padilla was still very much an artist in his later years, releasing music as recently as 2015 on International Feel Recordings, a label with which he had a close affiliation in later years having collaborated with the likes of Wolf Muller, Mark Barrott and Telephones. 

A statement was released by Can Misses Hospital late yesterday evening as follows:

“It is with great sadness that we bring you the news that José passed away peacefully in his sleep on Sunday night here on his beloved island of Ibiza.”