Autechre Post 4 Hour+ Influences Mix That Has Every Good Tune, Ever


OK, so we're possibly exaggerating a teensy bit… But! The mixtape Autechre have just turned in for Dekmantel festival is a true, remarkable master class in foundational electro, industrial, post punk, techno and hip hop. There are so damn many classics on the thing it should be on the national curriculum – at the very least, every chancer with a record in the Beatport top 10 should be forced to listen to it from start to finish before being allowed to return to the studio.

According to Dekmantel; 

When the pair recently laid down an impressive set at Dekmantel Festival, we asked if they might be up for a doing an early inspiration mix, whereby they put together a collection of the sort of electro and hip hop tracks that turned them on as youths. At first they hesitated, pointing out that "we don't do strictly retro stuff, it's too corny.” But alas, a few days later, a huge file landed in our inbox… That file is a 4 hour and 18 minute mix that basically encapsulates not just Autechre’s own influences, but also acts as a fine anthology of the greatest electro sounds of all time. Every sub genre imaginable gets touched upon along the way, with nods to forefathers like Kraftwerk, killer cuts from Man Parrish, classics from Newcleus and retro gold from the likes of The Beat Club.

Head over to the Soundcloud here and check the comments out if you're looking for a tracklisting. Right now we'd recommend you just press play and dive in…