Aron Ottigan To Release Ep ‘Starfish’ On Vinyl


Having already released his EP Starfish digitally, Aron Ottigan has now pressed a set of 10" vinyl which he will release on 1st September, 2015. Starfish draws influence from West Africa, Morocco, Maloya and the Caribbean with an addition of mordern sound design. Aron is signed to Universal France and featured at Monterery Jazz Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival and London Jazz Festival with his techinically brilliant and fiery perforamnces that are sure to get you moving. Aron's father was the saxophonist in Manfred Mann in the 1960s and his grandmother toured as Liberace's harpist, so with a muscial legacy, Aron Ottigan certainly lives up to his family history creating moving music whever he goes. 

Grab a mojito and let this EP wash over your sunday afternoon.

Download the digital version here or wait for the release of the vinyl on 1st September, available from his website