Andy Bell readies series of new EP’s


The celebrated Ride singer and guitarist is set to release new material on Sonic Cathedral with the label having announced four upcoming EP’s. The records will be released sequentially between April and June later this year with more music promised across the course of 2021. 

The series will be named ‘Ever Decreasing Circles’ – a term coined by Andy himself who describes the concept behind the records as follows:

“Each release in the series will be smaller in size than the last, so we start with a 12”, then a 10”, a 7” and CD. That was the reason for the name ‘Ever Decreasing Circles’, a figurative and fond nod to the ’80s Richard Briers sitcom. I like the idea that the EPs represent fainter and fainter echoes of ‘The View From Halfway Down’ and remind me of water splashes reducing in size on a pond, much like the shots in the sitcom’s opening titles! Pretentious, moi?”

The first track from the series is GLOK’s re-edit of Pye Corner Audio’s ‘Indica’ rework, as streaming online now: