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If music be the food of love, then its time to get loved-up on this audio feast Back when my old blog, The White Noise Revisited, was going strong, I conceived a series of themed podcasts with my good friend Feedle. Unfortunately, we only got as far as actually knocking out the first one (a collection of songs featuring white noise still available on iTunes, I think, if youre interested), but I still have all the playlists I put together and have decided to start posting them as themed mixtapes instead. Who knows, the podcasts may yet make a comeback, but until then, heres the first FOOD. Tuck in!

1. Tuff Crew Soul Food

An African-American style of cooking with its roots in the Deep South. Fried chicken. Ham hocks. Collard Greens. Cole Slaw. Corn Bread. Meat Loaf. Shrimp and Okra Gumbo. Alternatively, an exquisite three-minute blast of old school cut and paste good-time hip-hop from the genius that is DJ Too Tuff (the godfather of turntablism) from Phillys Tuff Crew.

Find it on Tuff Crew – Back to Wreck Shop LP

2. Mike & Rich Eggy Toast

Posh people call it French Toast, but its really Eggy Toast, innit? From playing an integral role in Kramer vs Kramer, the egg wash/bread/icing sugar combo is beloved of kids the world over, and was obviously a fave of electronic overlords Mike Paradinas and Richard D. James, as they named a track on their 1996 collaborative effort, Extreme Knob Twiddlers, after the breakfast delicacy.

Find it on Mike & Rich – Extreme Knob Twiddlers LP

3. LFO Mashed Potato

The bleep-pioneers paean to the humble spud in its mashed form was a two-minute blast of melodic techno from the 1992What is House EP (CD release). It appears to have very little to do with the subject after which it is named, though there is something gloopy about the overall vibe of the track.

Find it on LFO – What is House EP

4. -ziq Organic Tomato Yoghurt

Muller take note the always ahead-of-his-time Mike P devised a blinding new flavour for the yoghurt-producing behemoth way back in 1994, on this track from his Bluff Limbo album. I didnt even know the term organic existed back then. Chocolate manufacturers probably wont be beating his door down for the Nettle + Pralines recipe another track on Bluff Limbo. Likewise, Heinz, for Whale Soup, on 1993s Tango N Vectif. What is it with these electronic chaps and food?

Find it on-ziq – Bluff Limbo LP

5. Happy Mondays Olive Oil

Shaun Ryders lyrical genius is well known, but the musical abilities of the members of the Mondays who arent Bez (he played a mean maraca, but so does my 2-year-old daughter) are often downplayed. But on this impressive slither of indie-jangle from Squirrel And G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out), the other four really shine, serving up a tight, crudely funky groove with a vaguely afrobeat flavour maybe its the high-regsiter riffing from Mark Day. No idea what its got to do with olive oil, but then again, neither has Shaun.

Find it on Happy Mondays – Squirrel and G-Man LP

6. Super Furry Animals – Guacamole

This is one of those songs that you imagine got its name because the singer (the mighty Gruff Rhys) enjoyed shouting the word – GUACAMOOOLLLEEEE try it its fun. Especially in the faux-Elvis style Rhys adopts. Its a bit of a rockabilly belter, and slows down nicely for a Bay City Rollers-style clapalong, before racing to the finish in fine style. Altogether now I need medication for my sleep deprivashhee-unnn But whats it all about? Well, avocado contains tyramine, which causes the release of norepinephrine a brain stimulant linked with insomnia. So now you know.

Find it on Super Furry Animals – Out Spaced LP

7. Silver Apples – Salad

I wish I had more things to do. I feel so inadequate. Are you insecure? When will all this be over? How long will this last? Nothing works out the way I thought it would. This situation sucks. I wish I had more things to do. This will never work. I wish it was tomorrow. Do you feel tired? Should I leave? Can you make me some SALAD? Do you feel lonely? I dont eat enough. My feet hurt. Do you feel tired? Where did you go? Do your eyes hurt? Utterly bonkers stop-start techno weirdness from Simeon Coxe.

Find it on Various Artists – More GDM

8. Pedro Red Apples

I absolutely adore James Rutledges stuff. It is proper fusion music just when you think youve got it pinned down he does something wild. In this case, a lovely serving of freewheeling electronica is elevated by a sudden fruity blast of trumpet. Brilliant. I like a red apple too. Mmm, crunchy.

Find it on Pedro – You, Me and Everyone LP

9. Laurent Garnier Crispy Bacon

Or lard croustillant in the composer Laurent Garniers native tongue. As MasterChefs Gregg Wallace might say, Techno doesnt get tougher than this. And hed be right.

Find it on Laurent Garnier – Crispy Bacon EP

10. Hardfloor Fish & Chips

An early single from the bonkers 303-obsessed German duo Bondzio and Zenker, there is nothing vaguely English seaside about his brutally propulsive acid techno banger. It starts off hard and gets harder. Relentless.

Find it on Hardfloor – Mr Anderson/Fish & Chips EP

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