A Made Up Sound Talk


Ahead of his London show for Way Back Here this Friday at Dalston’s Dance Tunnel, we caught up with Dutch music man A Made Up Sound to chat influences, audiences and pizza. Three pretty major topics ’round these parts. A producer and DJ with enviable skill, A Made Up Sound continues to work by his own conventions. Nowhere is this more evident than on his latest release via his own A Made Up Sound imprint. Recognised and revered as a DJ, we find out a little more about what goes on between the headphones.

How did you first get into music?

Phew… how far back do you want me to go? When I was a little kid my dad gave me his old Dual recordplayer and a dusty box of random 7″es from his youth. I still remember The Beatles and a french chansonnier called Gilbert Becaud were in there. Later he gave me one of his old lp’s every week in return for my opinion on them. The “Tamla-Motown Sound” compilation was my favorite.

Who were your earliest influences? Do they still influence the music you make today?

I can’t say really. I started getting into production relatively late, at 23, so I already had many years of listening to all kinds of music behind me at that point. At the risk of stating the obvious, I guess almost everything I ever heard is an influence, consciously or subconsciously, positively or negatively. Even the gabba I listened to as a teen.

Who are the DJs that inspire you, as opposed to producers?

Let’s give it up for the unsung residents who are doing their job passionately every week and inspire local youngsters. In my case that was techno dj Tim from Rotterdam, back in the late 90’s. Probably the dj I spent the most hours dancing to in my life. I pretty much wanted to be that guy.

Where is your favourite place (club & city) to play?

Any place where the soundsystem is good, the promoters are in it for the right reasons and the audience is open minded. Corsica Studios in London and Wax Treatment in Berlin are examples that come to mind. I also love Cielo in New York, one of the best sounding venues in the world. Even at soundcheck with no people inside it already sounds really warm and round.

How do London crowds compare / differ to others in Europe?

They get drunk earlier, haha. Well, at least compared to mainland Europe. Seriously though, generally speaking I find London crowds are up for it and very clued up on new music.

What’s your proudest or most memorable moment in music so far?

I don’t know, I think being proud of oneself is a useless emotion. When something is done I move on. The biggest satisfaction for me is in the making of the music, creating something out of nothing.

What record or track do you need most in your life?

You know that is an impossible question right? I think one of the most powerful things music can do is hitting you hard and making you feel better about life. Whether it’s the beauty of Herbie Hancock’s Maiden Voyage or the rush of a hearing a brand new what-the-fuck-track that makes you wonder what a bunch of weirdo’s humans really are. It keeps puzzling me that we can get all excited by what’s essentially air being pushed around our ears in unusual ways. It’s a strange and wonderful thing.

Way Back Here is hosted in the basement of an amazing pizza place, what’s your favourite pizza?

Buffalo mozzarella and Parma ham, or fresh parsley pesto and cherry tomatoes if I’m in a vegetarian mood. Either way, a thin crust is crucial.

What’s upcoming for you and your label?

I just put out the latest record in the A Made Up Sound label series, it’s number 006 and the tracks are called After Hours and What Preset. Something new will come out in early 2014.


A Made Up Sound plays Dance Tunnel on Friday 22nd November, for more info check the fb event here.