2 Live Crew


There’s a book out there waiting to be written (hopefully by Simon Reynolds), entitled The Evolution of the Bass in Dance Music. I’m not nearly knowledgeable enough to know where to begin (or end or what to write in the middle), but my first experience of bass as something that wasn’t a four-stringed instrument wielded by Mark King was through the 2 Live Crew back in the mid-Eighties. Before they went all cartoon porno they used to be part of the Miami bass scene releasing records like Ghetto Bass (posted above), which had (for the time) sub-bass that the speakers on my crappy ghettoblaster definitely weren’t equipped to deal with.

Joe C
Content kindly supplied from Joe C’s amazing The White Noise Revisited blog. To download the track in full, check out the website in all it’s splendour here + read further musical educations…