Todd Edwards: The Ransom Note Mix


Next up is a man who needs little introduction, one of the foremost figures in Garage and perhaps the greatest of them all? We’ll let you be the judge of that. 

Todd Edwards has been releasing music for almost thirty years, he remains one of the definitive pioneers of the genre which first emerged in the UK during the mid 90’s. His influence has been profound and there was a period of time in which major artists would demand a remix from Todd to certify their release. He’s Grammy award winning after all. 

Anyway, this mix was delivered off the back of a release for Defected in which Todd released 140 tracks of original material, remixes and edits. Some unheard and an unreleased previously. This seemed like as good an opportunity as ever to ask him to return to the wheels of steel to showcase why he is still just as influential and important to UKG as ever before. 

You are in the presence of a legend. Listen below:

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