Phuong – Dan: The Ransom Note Mix

5 Minute Read

Continuing to challenge the preconceptions and boundaries of experimental electronic music Phuong – Dan delivers a barnstorming mix.

Phuong – Dan has been a resident at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel club for nearly two decades – it has become a space synonymous with off piste and leftfield dance music acting as a home for exploratory DJ’s to broaden the expectations of dancers.

Phuong – Dan has been a pivotal part of the evolution of the club, hosting his party Gatto Musculoso since 2006.

As a DJ his sound is diverse, drawing upon a wild array of influences and nuances as he seeks to create abstract experiences through music.


Working on a project by project basis, with a particular focus on artistic integrity, Phuong – Dan has become one of the most interesting artists working in this space. As the founder of dispari, a multi disciplinary record label and platform he has released music and works by the likes of Gavsborg, Cloud Management, Anatolian Weapons, Hector Zazou, Laurie Anderson, Florian Bräunlich and Sven-Åke Johansson.

This mixtape is a wild trip, spanning a variety of sounds.

Listen below: