Premiere: Das SPEZIAL – Castles (Daniel Avery Remix)

5 Minute Read

A remix packed with cinematic extravagance from Daniel Avery on SPEZIAL.

In the distance, through the thick fog, they began to make out the faint silhouette of a towering structure which loomed ominous upon the horizon. There had been many fabled stories told of such magic floating amidst the clouds yet it was far from the norm to witness one for yourself. As they travelled, in the tiny airplane, they wondered if few back down on earth might ever believe what they say.

Was it all just a hallucination? A trick of the mind? A trip as they careered through the heavenly skies?

Slowly but surely, the grandeur of the magnificent old building came into view.

They each rubbed their eyes and clutched each others hands tightly so as to reassure themselves that all was real.

For in the distance were castles in the sky..


das SPEZIAL have been steadily releasing innovative electronic music for a little while now, slyly emerging on the scene without great fanfare – the music has found its way into the record bags and sets of many a discerning DJ. However, the latest project is perhaps the most exciting and grand

SPEZIAL heralds the start of an expansive new EP series, ‘KIDS’ – the first of which includes a sprawling orchestral remix from none other than Daniel Avery. This release comes highly recommended.

Listen below: