Macca: The ‘Monday Is Okay’ Mix


Perhaps one of the most fundamental and integral elements to this musical scene within which we operate is the ability to be able to support friends and push creative expression forwards in a meanigful manner. Big or small, if you can play a tune, then we'd like to listen. 

Macca is a friend of the website and has been actively involved in electronic music for many years having run and promoted parties up north for a long time. As a disc jockey he is unassuming and kind hearted, keen to showcase the eclectic nature of his own collection whilst ensuring that a happy go lucky ideology can go a long way. 

This mix was recorded after hours in East London at the locally renowned Behind This Wall venue, a low key affair with a tasteful soundsystem and big soul. 

We invited him to showcase his worth below as he talks shop. 

Listen and read the interview below: 

Who are you, where are you and what are you?

I'm Macca but my maa calls me Adam. I'm in my kennel in Hackney, contemplating taking down a picture of Michael Jackson in my living room. Heavy gear. Probably will/should. What am I? I'm a scouser with an interest in music – promoted shows up north for 7 years, sometimes I play records, sometimes I write about interesting music stuff, sometimes I guest on NTS. I like music, it's sound.

What does your music sound like? Can you draw what you think it sounds like for us (an image from the old internet is acceptable)?

It sounds like Tony Soprano with those ducks. Y'know, them feels. 

Where was the mix recorded?

After hours at Behind This Wall on that lovely Tannoy Gold sound system.

What would be the ideal setting to listen to the mix?

On your way to work at 8am, in that dark, meaningless hour before the Do!! You!!! Show starts – out to the brother, Charlie Bones. 

What should we be wearing?

A Lost Art tee

What would be your dream setting to record a mix: Location/system/format?

It's always nice playing music in Tisno, Croatia. 

Which track in the mix is your current favourite?

La Playa De Terciopelo (ft. Stephanie Leon) by Blair French. It's out on Nu Northern Soul on May 1st. It's boss. 

What’s your favourite recorded mix of all time?

Errrr all the Luffie Duffie mixtapes by the donny, DJ Edzon. Here's Luffie Duffie 3, good luck finding 1 and 2. 

If you could go back to back with any DJ from throughout history, who would it be and why?

John Peel back to back with Bernie Connor back to back with the No Fakin' crew. Because, Liverpool (Merseyside) legends.

Tell me a secret.

I hate recording mixes.

What’s more important, the track you start on or the track you end on?

Start. Those first 3 tracks actually, they just settle me down y'know?  

What were the first and last records you bought?

First record: Respiration 12" by Black Star feat. Common

Last record: Drip EP by Lukid

If this mix was an edible thing, what would it taste like?

It tastes like a Honeymoon sandwich from L-Mo's bodega in Bushwick. Out to Jonny Turton. 

If it was an animal what would it be?

Andre Gomes, what a beautiful animal he is. 

Anything else we need to discuss?

Music is the healer. Don't buy the Sun. Fuck the Tories.  

Out to Ransom Note for the opportunity to lay down some sounds and chat breeze. One glove.  

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