100% Gomma Mix – Jerry Bouthier


Big fan of Jerry Bouthier. Always seemed slightly to play a more intelligent selection than some of his contemporaries. Nathan Wilkins obviously being a HUGE exception to this! 

So, ahead of the release of some rather tasty edits of tracks taken from Gomma’s back-catalogue he’s done this mix 100% of which is taken from the Gomma stable. For those of you that used to stumble around the dancefloor at Our Disco this will be like heaven.

100% Gomma Mix by Jerry Bouthier by Gomma


1. Munk – Rue de Rome (Ccile remix)

2. Golden Bug – Sex Beat

3. Erodiscotique – A Reason For Living (Freestyle edit)

4. Munk – Keep My Secret

5. Golden Bug ft Onili – Flamingo (Jerry Bouthier edit)

6. Munk – Violent Love (The Twelves remix-Jerry Bouthier edit)

7. Moullinex – Chocolat + Golden Bug – U Are Magic

8. Golden Bug – Look Look Look (In Flagranti remix-Jerry Bouthier edit)

9. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – 15 to 20 (Den Haan remix)

10. Munk – Back Down (Cut Copy Jackmaster remix-Jerry Bouthier edit)

11. The Glimmers – U Rocked My World (Pete Herbert & Tristan da Cunha remix-Jerry Bouthier edit)

12. Alan1 – Concertmate (Jerry Bouthier edit)

13. Munk – Down In L.A. (Shazam remix)

14. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Baby (Clock Opera remix)

15. Golden Bug – Sex Beat (Mustang remix instrumental)

16. Mercury – Inner City Chase

17. Telonius – Disco-Tec (Moullinex remix)

18. Diskokaine – Hall of Shame (THC remix-Jerry Bouthier edit)

19. Rodion – Alagoas Cowboys

20. Munk – We Dont Care

21. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – All Of The Above (T.H. White remix)

22. The Glimmers – Killing Jokes

23. Rodion – Via Lactea (Jerry Bouthier edit)

24. Telonius – Disco-Tec (Zombie Nation remix-Jerry Bouthier edit)

25. Munk – Live Fast! Die Old! (Headman remix)

I Break Horses – Hearts by Bella Union

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