ELSEMIX: Sebastian Voigt


The summer lurks mysteriously around the corner, it winks at you and invites you along for a dreamy walk down a mystical path of sunshine days and opal blue skies. It is the the very thing we all crave..

At the end of April ELSE will reopen in Berlin, the sun kissed venue will once again become an outdoor playground for daylight dancers and those who enjoy the warmth. This season is already looking incredibly promising with several dates having already been announced thus far. 

This year we have decided to profile the international spot by profiling some of the artists and guests who will be appearing at the revered venue across the season. With an eclectic booking policy and the opportunity to play a few wildcards ELSE has become the perfect juxtaposition to a saturated Berlin. 

First up in the ELSEMIX series we feature a set from Sebastian Voigt, a dj and producer who has become a prominent figure within the midst of house and techno having released music on the likes of Outcast Oddity, Renate Schallplatten and Visionquest amongst others. 

As one of the driving forces behind ELSE he is a key figure in the progression of the Berlin sound and is perhaps the ideal candidate to open the series….

It’s all his from here…

Catch Sebastian Voigt at the ELSE opening party HERE