Track By Track: Baüzer Vep – The Gurner

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Assemblies Of God is the new venture of Berlin-based DJ Bruno Schmidt.

In contrast to its parent label Domesticated, it will serve as a space for more comprehensive bodies of work from electronic producers who are also exploring musical spheres away from the dance floor.

First up is a relatively fresh moniker of Miami-based artist Pablo Arrangoiz. After releasing music under a number of aliases, including outings under his own name, as Goiz, DJ Fitness, Doctor Hotdog and Glue Boy, he now steps into life as Baüzer Vep, following up last year’s debut LP for Florida’s New Fair Deal with this collection of wonky oddball electro-punk and DIY electronics.


Hoping to immerse the listener in a ‘dream-like, slightly nightmarish state’, the Miami-based producer walks us through the tracks on The Gurner

1 Vuvu Bezon

Color: purple.
Season: third summer of love
Inspo: skeletons, ghouls, succubi, crows
Setting: spooky cauldron potion party with Connor mc Gregor and the magik people booting off together.

2 spaghetti

Color: bolognese
Season: a cold lonely winter with blizzards
Inspo: John cassavettes “a woman under the influence”, folks buzzing about 2020 election, ceviche for dinner
Setting: surrealist saloon in the ether between waking life and dreams/ life and death.
Dreamers and wandering souls meet at the aroma cafe to drink snail juice and listen to spaghetti.

3 ode 2 tietchens

Color: orange and dark green
Season: lobster season
Setting: inside a missile silo with a saxophone and roku with criterion channel

4 Billy drips

Color: blood
Season: demon time
Inspo: piranhas, whips, knifes, flesh, bones, Holy Spirit
Setting: rodeo with an armless man riding a giant lizard pig. The crowd can’t get enough.

5 warm broth

Color: burning
Season: burzday
Inspo: wrath
Setting: crusty guys bedroom covered in trash. He’s been complaining all his life. He find solace in this violent music. When he closes his eyes it’s as if he can almost taste a glimpse of bliss. He imagines an octopus wizard smoking a bong, cranks up the stereo, and lights himself on fire.

6 modern dog

Color: linear gradient (black, purple, grey)
Season: cloak season
Inspo: spiders and fun
Setting: massive spider web but the spider has begun to raise you as one of its own.

7 boo hoo hoo

Color: bleach
Season: down bad era
Inspo: heartbreak, buchla, keywords: “post modern cyber ballad” (thanks for those bru)
Setting: back at the aroma cafe a sad young dreamer sees his lover who is far away in waking life. They share a lovely time. After they wake up they slowly realize that their favorite records in their collections have been swapped…

8 the gurner

Color: pink
Season: the fifth summer of love
Inspo: the purple one, small creatures, fake words to make lyrics
Setting: liminal roller disco where everyone is breaking their bones.

9 wawawa

Color: grey
Season: sad szn
Inspo: not being able to talk to someone you really miss
Setting: back at aroma cafe. Closing set for locals. Old bill don’t like this song but the cheap drinks keep him there till sun up. Deep down it reminds him of his old lover who died by getting crushed by a full-size korg ms20.