Like To Get To Know You Well: Wave Arising

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Wave Arising (69db and Kynsie)
Written by Lily Mumby

Wave Arising are a dynamic music and dance duo, weaving movement, spirituality, and experimentation into their music and performances. The pair are gearing up to release their debut album, (The) Rooted Sky, on Ransom Note Records. With two of the singles from the upcoming album out, Monin Yiri and Grow With The Flow, already receiving radio play from the likes of Tom Ravenscroft on BBC Radio 6….

Seasoned techno pioneer 69dB (Sebastian Vaughan) and dancer/videomaker Kynsie have joined forces to form Wave Arising. Together they aim to offer an alternative frequency of rave culture, centered around the initiac process and transformative benefits of music, movement and meditation. Their latest album offers a path to a higher state, summoning a sense of spiritual power. Living in the beginnings of UK rave culture, Sebastian Vaughan has clocked up over 32 years on stage as a member of the underground collective Spiral Tribe.


Playing at countless events in Europe, U.S and Asia, from parties such as Spiral Tribe and Sound Conspiracy to Boomtown, Fusion and everything in between. Kynsie grew up in France, with Reunionnese and Ivorian roots, surrounded by music and dance. She is an apprentice of and performs alongside Master Ke Wen, one of the initiators of the Qigong movement in France. Kynsie connects the dots between movement, photography and video. Both videos for the singles from ‘(The) Rooted Sky’ were directed by Kynsie, also designing the album cover art too.

Two of the singles from their debut LP are available now! You can buy / listen to Monin Yiri or Grow With The Flow. (The) Rooted Sky is also available on vinyl (2xLP) which you can pre-order here

I am…

69dB: Forced to keep saying yes, no or maybe to many things that solicit my point of focus

Kynsie: Kynsie

Where am I? 

69dB: In consciousness

Kynsie: At home, surrounded by a forest.

What am I? 

69dB: Consciousness

Kynsie: A human

Seb Photo 2


You may know me from other things like…

69dB: The source that we all are

Kynsie: The collective consciousness

Tree - Kynsie


A bit about the release…

69dB: It is what happened not what I did

Kynsie: For me, « (The) Rooted Sky » is the earth-sky connection which represents the figure of the Tree. But above all, this release is a symbiosis of creativities where arts are intertwined, beyond styles, as a series of experimentations led by intuition.

What to expect in the future…

69dB:  The future !

Kynsie: Individual and collective positive evolution.

My longest running friendship is with…

69dB: Consciousness

Kynsie: Dance.

My earliest memory is…

69dB: Scotland

Kynsie: Dancing at home with the music very loud resonating everywhere in the house, as it was often the case.


My earliest memory is… dancing at home with the music very loud resonating everywhere in the house, as it was often the case.


I first felt like an adult when… 

69dB: Not happened yet.

The opinion I care most about is…

69dB: How things feel

The most ridiculous nightmare I ever had was…

69db: Living on planet earth

The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was…

69db: Being human

An inside joke I have with a friend or family member is…

69dB: We will all die successfully

If my pet could talk it would say…

69dB: ”He was mad about cats”___________ about me.

My strangest irrational fear is…

69dB: Not being there for my daughter when she needs me

My proudest accomplishment is… 

69dB: I’ll only know that when I die and meet myself

Kynsie: My daughter, even if I don’t see it as my own accomplishment but the consequence of something bigger. Nature is amazing and giving birth is something very deep and initiatory.

My favourite book to read again and again is…

69dB: Tao te Ching

Kynsie: « The Great Tao » by Dr Stephen T.Chang.


The Great Tao Book


I laugh most when…

69dB: People unmask the bullshitters

Kynsie: Humor is subtle and full of truth, derision but also when it’s shared.

My most useless talent is…

69dB: Farting

Kynsie: I can speak while burping.

I get most frustrated when…

69dB: I listen to politicians



The last film I went to see was…


Kynsie: Midsommar by Ari Aster. Very strange film, definitely out of the box by blending genres you rarely see together. Really interesting just by its weirdness and the fact that you couldn’t predict any of what was going to happen. I think, just for that, we can say it’s a pretty good film.

When I was small I wanted to be…

69dB: A musician

Kynsie: A Dancer

If I could choose to do anything for a day it would be…

69dB: Make music with my family

Kynsie: Flying like a bird.

My go to karaoke song is….

69dB: Fight for your right to party or fight the power

If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be…

69dB: Potatoes

If I was stranded on a deserted island, I’d like to be stuck with… 

69dB: Myself ( then no one else would be stranded )

Kynsie: Lots of music.

Midsommar Movie Poster


If I could go back in time, I would travel to the year…

69dB: Now

Kynsie: Before humankind just to see the Earth at a primitive stage.

The worst gift I’ve ever received is…   

69dB: Being a white European male ( because it should not be a gift !! )

My favourite kitchen appliance is…

69dB: My juicer

Sebastian Vaughan (69dB)


The craziest thing I’ve done in the name of love is… 

69dB: Be true (But I am lucky I have found someone true so we are both crazy)

The most unusual thing I’ve ever eaten is… 

Kynsie: Roasted worms in Burkina-Faso and it has to be said . . . it was good.

If I was the ruler of my own country, the first law I would introduce is…

69dB: As above so below.

Kynsie: Redistribution of wealth to try to break the class system.

If I had a warning label, it would say…

69dB: We’re being screwed !!

Kynsie: Don’t believe everything you think.

You can buy / listen to Monin Yiri or Grow With The Flow 

Watch Wave Arising’s music video for Monin Yiri below: