black merlin talks plus Field work mix


Ahead of playing the next Field Work party, we caught up with Black Merlin to chat selling synths to Weatherall and the 'good cup of tea' that is the current London scene…


Who is Black Merlin?

My Name is George Thompson

How did the Bird Scarer release come about?

Well Andrew Weatherall and Tim J Fairplay came to look at a synth I was selling – a Transcendent 2000…anyway a while after that I wrote Brunswick Drive and I figured I'd send it to Tim and to my surprise they digged it..Yeah so things progressed from there.

What can we expect from a Black Merlin DJ set?

Well I've never planned a set in my life and I never me it's best that way as you can move with the energy of the floor.

Who's making good right records right now?

Well I just bought the new Function album which is pretty deep..Always an exciting scene in Dusseldorf, ones to check are Der Rauber und der Prinz, Tolouse Low Trax and Kriedler…I'm digging L.I.E.S stuff they've created something great and they're always moving forward..Timothy J Fairplay writes good visual music that I can relate to, future music. Scott Fraser is moving in good ways too, always pretty solid and the way that Andy Blake approaches music I really like, it's hypnotic and transcendent the way it should be. The London scene is brewing…its gonna be a good cuppa tea.

Tell us about your dubplates…?

Well they're one off vinyls, not dubplates ..Dubplates lose quality but these can be played as normal..I get them cut at The Carvery..Frank who owns The Carvery is a long time friend and we've done various things together so going to him was a natural thing.. I'll make the tracks in my studio, go round to Franks to get them cut and give them to DJs to test's good for me to hear how something sounds out of a system and it gives me an insight into people's reaction…you don't get that excitement with an MP3.

What's next for you?

I've got a release out anytime soon with U.S based New Jersey Records, it's a new imprint from Mike Simonetti, the Italians do it Better label boss.. I'm intrigued to see how it's received as it's my first EP and the Bird Scarer record was a one sider…This one contains three new can hear them here...


Check out this stormer of a mix from Black Merlin to whet the appetite for the Field Work party:


Read on for all the deets/ticket links….


Field Work VI with 
Land of Light (LIVE) 
Black Merlin (DJ)
Friday 5th April 
The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney Road, SW9 0TP
Doors: 22:00


Field Work is journeying deep into the fog with a special double feature on Friday 5th April. LAND OF LIGHT (Live) and BLACK MERLIN will be playing mesmeric and psychedelic music for body and soul.

LAND OF LIGHT (London-based duo Kyle Martin & Jonny Nash) put out one of our favourite records of last year on ESP Institute (Cos/Mes etc) and will be playing a rare live dance floor set with a whole load of analogue and digital hardware. This is going to be a truly beautiful trip, dream-logic dance music that's as natural as breathing. Ambient in the truest sense; Land of Light can transform a room and set a mood like few others. 


BLACK MERLIN (aka George Thompson) is the soundtrack to late night cable TV watching where Videodrome is the only signal. His first 12 'Brunswick Drive (on Andrew Weatherall's Bird Scarer) was a statement of intent; a mid-paced, atmospheric groove that builds and destroys. Field Work will be treated to an extended DJ set summoned from the dark corners of body music, including a whole arsenal of dubplates from the BM vaults themselves. Wild sounds for wild scenes- just check out this exclusive mix. Look out for forthcoming releases on Mike Simonettis New Jersey label and World Unknown.


As always, Field Work is in the backroom of the Grosvenor (17 Sidney Road, Stockwell tube). No messing around – just smoke, lazers, and a room full of people going crazy to good music. Oh and cheap drinks too. See you there x

LIMITED 5 ADV TICKETS are available online.