An Introduction to Disk Frisk

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Written by Alasdair King

We catch up with the crew behind the new Bristol record shop.

It’s no easy feat to open a record shop in this day and age – it takes some seriously hard work to launch, curate, run and hustle any business to success but even more so when it comes to vinyl.

Once a dying medium, the recent resurgence has been met with mixed outcomes for small and independent record labels and shops who strive to create and exist amidst an industry prone to change and trends.

Major labels have been pressing ridiculous quantities of records and re-releases that nobody will buy – meanwhile independent labels and those operating within underground music and vinyl culture have been hard pressed and have struggled against rising costs and a challenging market.


However, for some there is hope and the newly launched record shop, Disk Frisk, is challenging the system by prioritising second hand vinyl over new releases and encouraging trade within the local community of Bristol and beyond.

Bristol as a city has always had a strong DIY undercurrent and has always been a relatively ‘conscious’ city which will hopefully act as the creative backdrop in which this new store can thrive.

We invited the crew behind the new space to chat through the rationale of Disk Frisk and pick some of their favourites to pass through the shop…

What is the rationale behind the shop and why Bristol? 

“The diversity in Bristol for music has played an integral part, likewise the thriving club nights and gig culture. We both had strong ties to Bristol whether it was throwing parties, DJing or radio residencies. With that factor in mind, we thought we needed to fill the gap in the market with a strictly curated second hand shop for DJs and listeners alike, while also making sure there are obscure and interesting records to find.”

There is a focus on second hand, why so?

Corey: “We don’t really keep up with new releases and the both of us are generally more attracted to older music, so it just felt natural focusing on older second hand stuff, it’s what we know best! Idle Hands is the go to for new releases, so it did not really feel necessary to cover that aspect of the scene.”

What do you hope to achieve with it?

Corey: “It’s a hard one to answer as there are numerous goals for us as a shop but for me on a personal level, it’s about having a shop that advocates for everyone, regardless of taste and that they can potentially leave with music they’ve not heard before – Also to support and showcase our friends and people we believe in as much as possible!”

Kayne: “Simple for me! I’ve always wanted to create a long standing record shop in the UK which provides for like minded diggers, collectors and new collectors across the world, while still specialising in weird and obscure music! I have always been passionate about record culture and digging, I think it’s important to always have that culture exist in the DJ scene, it’s what interests me most when I listen to sets..”

The Beat ‎– Don't Drop The Beat (Instrumental)

Corey – “Feels like a bit of a shop classic already, no cheese, straight to the point Instrumental New Beat. We had this in store a while back and it’s one of the ones I miss when it has gone!!”

  • The Beat ‎– Don't Drop The Beat (Instrumental)

    Corey – “Feels like a bit of a shop classic already, no cheese, straight to the point Instrumental New Beat. We had this in store a while back and it’s one of the ones I miss when it has gone!!”

  • Protect Me - Caribbean Flava All Star

    Kayne – “One of my favourite digs that made it onto our instagram! It brings back memories of me dealing with the records from my bedroom and have recently noticed it has an upload too. Not something I would play myself, but certainly Bristol sounding and the type of record that always leaves the racks super quick.”

  • Aura – Puffdub

    Corey – “We sell quite a bit of chuggy stuff & downtempo bits so we’re constantly on the hunt for it, this has been one of my favourite finds so far!”

  • Christoph Kreutzer - Smogalarm

    Kayne – “Could have picked the whole Album here, for me the perfect record. Feel good 80s New Wave dancer with nice German vocals… “

  • Armand Mishre - Geta

    Kayne – “A tune i’ve played the most in store over the past two weeks since we got it in, Gets put on every morning whilst opening up!”

  • Steve Davis - Get em out

    Kayne – “Another cool find that I gambled on and it flew out the shop straight away! Was a nice moment for the shop to see Albion play it at the Cosmic Gathering in the early hours of the morning.”