Gigi Masin announces new album

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Written by Alasdair King

The acclaimed musician dedicates his new album to his late wife.

Gigi Masin is set to release a new album on the 11th of November next month – an expansive and poignant tribute to his partner who passed away last year.

Drawing upon elements of delicate ambience and balearic intuition the record features even tracks and has been carefully constructed so as to reflect a moment in time and an emotional state in which Gigi found himself as he describes.

“There is a Tahitian dance called ‘Aparima’. It consists of graceful, sinuous and fascinating movements, which tell you stories and legends about love or tradition. The ‘Vahinè’ are now dancing, the Tahitian females, with smiles and gestures that could be symbolic or descriptive but are always gentle, harmonious, charming.


I was watching this documentary, it was almost 4 in the morning, but I couldn’t sleep; I was in front of the television for hours, my wife had passed away the day before, and I was watching hands and arms swaying.

I told myself that maybe it’s so, at the end of the road it’s possible to realize dreams, and I’m sure that she is finally able to dance like never before, and is able to move without any impediment, with no suffering, free to make all the movements that she couldn’t make for so long, turning to me with a smile and a wink. So, in the clouds, you will discover and see an extraordinary ‘Vahinè’, because she will move and dance and smile until the end of time.”

The album follows in a series of releases for Gigi Masin who has previously released on the likes of Music From Memory, Apollo, melody as Truth and more. The new album was teased with the release of a track called ‘Marilene (Somewhere In Texas)’: