Floorless Festival 2023 announces lineup including Manami, Tia Cousins and more

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floorless festival 2023
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Floorless Festival was conceived as a response to the isolation caused by the pandemic. Organised by a group of friends, DJs, promoters, producers, and music enthusiasts it’s evolved into a vibrant event series with a devoted following.

As the festival season gains momentum after a seemingly endless winter Floorless Festival, a UK-based DIY festival, that has garnered a reputation for its community spirit have just announced their lineup for their 2023 edition.

“Honestly, Floorless was born out of boredom in lockdown. I’m freelance and used to a packed schedule but through lockdown found myself unemployed with a desperate need to stay busy. I started scouring Airbnb and camping websites looking for land to host an outdoor party for all of our friends and fill the void of all the cancelled festivals.” Notes festival cofounder Phoebe in a recent interview.


floorless festival


The festival embodies a true sense of community, with familiar faces gracing the dance floor at each gathering.

Running from August 4th to 6th, attendees can expect an impressive roster of talent representing the full landscape of UK club culture. This year’s lineup includes renowned artists such as Michelle Manetti, Sarra Wild b2b Mi-el, Tia Cousins, Tristan Ayela, Alicia, Allecto, Manami, DR Mystery, and more.

Recognising the importance of accessibility, Floorless Festival offers a range of ticket options, including day passes and community tickets for those facing financial constraints.

The ethos of Floorless is rooted in fostering a sense of belonging and creating immersive experiences. Influenced by formative events such as Field Maneuvers and Unfold, the founders aim to curate an environment where music, aesthetics, and community intersect.  By focusing on their strengths and nurturing a resident culture, they have cultivated a unique atmosphere that sets them apart from larger festivals with single-stage approach ensuring a shared experience that encourages attendees to explore new sounds.

floorless festival 2023


Floorless Festival is located in the hills of Hampshire, halfway between Salisbury & Winchester.

The exact location will be revealed to ticket holders closer to the event.

Register to be approved for tickets here


Full Lineup below:
Ana Teran
Austen Live
Bestii FM
Cam Joon
Flatcap b2b INGI
Gecau b2b Stinky PT
Koobideh FM
Melati b2b James Newmarch
Michelle Manetti
RED b2b Pasta Kebab
Sarra Wild b2b mi-el
Tia Cousins
Tristan Ayela