Act By Act: Tristan Allen – Tin Iso and the Dawn

HERE’s Dream Music Puppetry Program presents Tin Iso and the Dawn by Tristan Allen – Puppetopia Festival – Credit – Richard Termine

Weaving together puppetry and instrumental music Tristan Allen has constructed the mythical realm of Tin Iso via the spectacular RVNG INTL which they break down for us Act By Act below.

Tristan Allen’s journey unfolds in Tin Iso and the Dawn, where intricate soundscapes explore themes of loss and transcendence. Inspired by a diverse tapestry of influences—from travels in Asia to encounters with music mentors—Tristan weaves together puppetry and music to construct the realm of Tin Iso. Through a symphonic structure that invites immersion, listeners traverse shadowed landscapes, guided by melodies and experimental storytelling, culminating in a dawn of new beginnings.



“Tin Iso and the Dawn is a shadow puppet symphony performed alongside an original, full length album. The project shares origins of an imaginary world created to give age-old magic life through music and puppetry. It’s my first in a trilogy of creation myths setting the foundation for an overarching story I’ll be developing for years to come.”

As a live performance or through recorded mediums, Tin Iso invites the listener to project their own narratives onto its ethereal landscapes. Tristan’s experimental approach to storytelling, supported by a mini homemade orchestra and rich sound design, renders each act a profound expression of tonal possibilities, illuminating the depths of the narrative journey. Through its release in various formats, Tin Iso and the Dawn not only captivates with its sonic exploration but also supports the Forest Peoples Programme, underscoring Tristan’s commitment to both artistic innovation and social impact.

“Starting with piano, lights dim to black as a melody slips into abstraction. Iso awakens to a bang as Tin crashes through the sky forming a hole above (the moon), light pours through and they meet. Their journey through shadow brings forth a rising sun and the beginning of life.”

Here, Tristan reveals the journey Act By Act as a companion to the record and the performance.

“I made the music between apartments in Boston and Brooklyn from 2015-2022. I love fantasy and hope to make music that can tell stories without words but through puppetry. In that spirit, rather than explaining each track, I’d like to share art for each of the four acts of Tin Iso and the Dawn.””

Disclaimer: this was meant to go up last year when the album was out but… well let’s just say an inbox failure on our behalf meant we’re only now revisting this opus in written and pictorial form… but what is a release date anyway?

On with the show as is apt…


Act I Image 1
Act I Image 2

Act I Image 3
Act I Image 4 – photo by Jody Christopherson


Act II Image 1
Act II Image 2

Act II Image 3
Act II Image 4 – photo by Virginia Garcia


Act III Image 1
Act III Image 2

Act III Image 3
Act III Image 4 – photo by Virginia Garcia


Act IV Image 1
Act IV Image 2

Act IV Image 3
Act IV Image 4 – photo by Jody Christopherson


Tristan Allen – Tin Iso and the Dawn is out now on RVNG INTL Buy Here