New Medellín festival LATINEO showcases Latin electronic music artists

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LATINEO is the first electronic music festival in Medellín, Colombia, that brings together emerging Latin artists.

Taking place on 10th December, the event has been organised and curated by DJ, producer and Cómeme boss Matias Aguayo alongside Alejo Cardona, the founder of Perro Negro, a legendary reggaeton club in the city.

In an effort to highlight the wealth of talent and the complexity of electronic music in Latin America, the pair have invited artists from across Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia to play across 12 hours at the Sky Center.


The first edition will host sets from local DJ, producer and activist within the scene Julianna, Chilean DJ and producer Valesuchi, Nicola Cruz from Ecuador, Pereira native Lucrecia Dalt, Sao Paulo’s BADSISTA and Medellín-based artists Gladkazuka and Sano, as well as Matias himself.

Speaking about the origins of the event and his partnership with Alejo, Matias explains that: “About a year ago, on my first post pandemic visit to Medellín Colombia I sat down with promoter and old friend of mine Alejo Cardona, with whom we did the first events in Medellín that were related to Cómeme. He’s always been a figure in the background to introduce different people and making them work with each other, and in that way building community amongst musicians on a local and international level, with a focus on Latin America.”

He continues, “Very often we have the impression that it’s still Europe that dictates the view on Latin America, that is unfortunately driven by simplifying clichés of an interpretation that doesn’t take into account the overwhelming complexity of the “Latin” concept. Richness of cultural and musical identity is driven by an intense mix of different cultures; the history of colonisation; political struggle; inequalities; African rhythms merging with aboriginal melodies, played on European instruments; and a musical richness that reaches from the proto-punk of Peruvian underground rock from the 60ies, to electronic beats from the favelas of Rio, from dark EBM and Techno history of Santiago de Chile to the bouncing beats of reggaeton that travelled from Puerto Rico to Medellín.”

Looking to the future, as well as celebrating these different sounds and building a safe space that doesn’t discriminate against any identity or demographic, the festival will aim to position itself in the city as a destination to discover underground Latin American artists who are operating in all different parts of the electronic music world.

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