R$N Rolling: Lila Tirando A Violeta selects

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Written by Annie Parker

A melting pot in the truest sense, the musical catalogue pertaining to Lila Tirando A Violeta points to a wide range of influences.

In truth, attempts to signpost these myriad styles would be futile when citing Lila: an artist who flouts preconceived ideas of genre in favour of a wonderfully hybrid mode of production. But amongst this melting pot a few consistencies remain palpable. Namely, her faithfulness to the rhythms, textures and instrumentation native to her homeland: the Southern region of Latin America, specifically Montevideo. Also her appetite for collaboration, one that has so far manifested in joint projects with the likes of Loraine James and Nick Leon amongst many.


Her most recent release adds seven names to that list. Just three out of ten tracks featured on ‘Desire Path’ see Lila go solo, with the rest compiling contributions from fellow Latin American producers such as Nicola Cruz, Verraco and Dengue Dengue Dengue. Released on Mexico-based imprint NAAFI earlier this month, ‘Desire Path’ encompasses a sound palette which sounds at once organic and industrial, emulating the cyborg visual aesthetic which embellishes each LTAV release. Triplet rhythms aplenty, prehispanic flutes and ocarinas reinforce the album’s inextricability from the context out of which is was born and demonstrate Lila’s undying penchant for experimental sound design.


In order to get a clearer picture of the myriad influences which fed into its creation, we asked Lila to compile a playlist of the sounds which have inspired her over the course of her musical trajectory, including the music she grew up listening to as well as that which she feels represents her hometown. Read below as she outlines a few of her choices and subscribe to the playlist to hear it in full and keep up to date with the next selector to take it over. Lila, over to you…



Burial – Rodent 

Burial had to be on this playlist. This track I feel is quite underrated, the vocals are super interesting as well. I never listened to it on a proper system which would be delightful.


Elliott Smith – Pitseleh

My music background comes mostly from post punk and indie music, I grew up listening to sad ballads and soothing guitars. This song in particular brings back so many memories every time I listen to it, it’s almost like an injection of nostalgia for me.


Lechuga Zafiro – Agua y Puerta

The single from his debut album in NAAFI made an imprint in Uruguayan club scene, mostly opening up doors for the rest of the world to notice there is a tight club movement around the southernmost capital city of the world.


Rib – Lighght

Currently I am super excited about Lighght’s new upcoming record. A close friend and frequent collaborator is about to release an amazing album via Doom Trip Records, and I cannot wait for it being out, the single Rib pretty much says it all.


Hablando a tu corazón – Charly Garcia

Charly Garcia is an icon from the South American new wave and rock scene and a synthesizer mastermind. As I mentioned before I was quite into the alternative scene growing up, and this 80s classic played on almost every party I went to in my teens.