Floorless Festival returns this July

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Written by Alasdair King

The underground, community lead event is back for a celebration of music and friends.

Floorless Festival is set to return this July for a special weekend festival with friends, family and community firmly at the heart of the event. Names have been teased for the 2022 edition which includes Asics Twin, No Nation, Manami, EMA and more.

The festival is small and scaled back, celebrating the best bits of dance music culture ensuring that local artists and guests are treated as family.

The crew behind the event describe it as follows:


“We never intended to start a festival, it was just a get together with a group of friends that escalated into being this amazing community-runevent. Floorless is driven by a team of dedicated volunteers that simply want the party to keep on happening. We feel we’ve made a real special place that people resonate with, a place for like minded individuals to come together and throw a quality but care-free party. A cheap festival, with a diverse music policy that represents the breadth of UK clubland, a focus on local talent, diversity and a vetted audience that ensures a top quality dance floor experience. All of this without compromising on production and music quality. We’re DIY through-and-through, and this has given us the freedom to do things the way we want.”

Floorless Festival will take place between the 8th and 10th of July.

More details and tickets HERE.