This Week..Rude Xylophones, buchstansangur,BYO booze& creating chocolate out of nothing.

“In 1884,  meridian time personnel met  in Washington to change Earth time. First words said was that only 1 day could be used on Earth to not change  the 1 day bible. So they applied the 1 day  and  ignored  the  other  3 days. The bible time was wrong then and it  proved wrong today. This a major lie  has so much evil feed from it’s wrong. No man on Earth has no belly-button, it proves every believer on Earth a liar.”
Ummm yeah. And that’s the just start! Read all the madness here.

” I think this music is really hopeful. But maybe it’s worth sticking up for difficulty, seeing as so much creativity in the world has been replaced by videos of cats. ”  Jack Barnett   And yes, before you say anything we know we’re part of this problem. Have a look at this quickly, go on it’s really serious.

“Oh no! swedish pot dealers! Im so scared! Thank you FBI for using your valuable time saving us from this menace!”    

“Unfortunately, most of the work of stopping the paedophiles on the darknet hasnt been done by the feds at all, but by other users. Apparently, adults choosing to use an outlawed substance are a bigger problem than innocent children being abused and exploited.” 

Just had to get my two suitably leftie Silk Road quotes in there…

On that note there’s quite an interesting piece here
on the right to encrypt information in relation to Tor etc

“Really, the purpose of a tumbler is to attempt to make a bitcoin transaction as anonymous and private as cash. Certainly one can take issue with Silk Road’s use of the technology in particular. It’s incredibly dangerous, though, to say that anonymous currencywhether bitcoins or traditional cashis only of interest to drug dealers or money launderers.
It’s essential that the use of encryption, anonymization techniques, and other privacy practices is not deemed a suspicious activity. Rather, it must be recognized as an essential element for practicing freedom of speech in a digital environment.”

Rude Xylophone

Just your everyday bit of Cat Porn yeah.  Oh sorry did I already post that?!  Really? I wouldn’t do that.

Sick of paying 15 for a Ryanair beer? Take Alcohol to Drink on Your Flight… here’s how… read by clicking the image.

Magic chocolate:

cockroach controlled by i-phone:

Amusing pictures of frightened people:

Patience is a virtue… check the link.

This is Zombo com…


Is it Christmas yet?

Go on… spin it!  Actually hasn’t got annoying yet!

Thats weird but this is even stranger!!!

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