This Week… what happened to Soap?


“I remember hearing it at the time and I thought, ‘This is most elaborate lie I have ever heard but there’s got to be some truth to it.’” and other enthralling quotes from the week from the Williston Herald

"I mean seriously, what happened to soap?! You go into the supermarket these days and want a nice bar of fruit soap – I'm a bit partial to grapefruit – and look what you get." Have a look at that picture. "Gels!! Since when did we become a nation of gels?!"' I can't believe I've just quoted myself there…  You know what really grinds my gears… etc etc.

"If you are gay – or even support someone who is – this new law could send you to jail for up to 10 years. And, if you get married – it's 14!" Fair enough really. I might go and live in Nigeria. On a serious note, the bill is dangerously close to becoming law.

Who's looking forward to Alan Sugar… jesus is that really all you have to talk about W?! 

Hope everyone voted in the police comissioner elections?! Yeah you're really scraping the barrell on the button this week aren't you… 

I think we should leave it to the pictures below… there's some ace ones this week! And you choose soap as your main image?! Nice… really nice. There's some words below the pictures if you can be arsed… ooh and find your perfect colour – actually amazing.



You're a very angry tiger aren't you…



Armstrong The Good Giraffe speaks about his acts of kindness.
Painting reality…


I don't really mean that.. enjoy the weekend tho. It looks ace!