This Week… Embrace the Culture!



I can’t recall a moment as staunchly British in my lifetime as is now. We got our country back, Brexit was a resounding success and now Harry and the lads have only gone and gotten us into a bloody final eh? I must be dreaming because who’d of ever believed such magic to be possible. The only thing which might make the whole thing even better would be if Atomic Kitten reformed in celebration…. wait, what?

In case you have no idea what i’m talking about, this week the England football team qualified for their first final in 1000000 years and the whole country has gone slightly potty about the whole affair. I’m not bitter i’m just Scottish, in reality it’s really just the same thing. In all seriousness i’m happy that you are happy, please just, for the love of God don’t sing ‘it’s coming home’.

Meanwhile, this week the government announced that they think people are sensible and responsible enough to “live with the virus”. I’ve never seen a ‘wash my hands of this’ exercise like it. The same people who have been kept inside for two odd years are suddenly supposed to show restraint and sensibility? Let’s pretend it all never happened, what virus eh? I predict that within four weeks we’ll be back in lockdown so enjoy it whilst it lasts, kiss your gran, shag your pals, go raving – whatever floats your boat. Soon enough we’ll be back to stockpiling toilet roll and quizes on zoom, you have been warned.

Here’s the internet…