This Week 30/6


“White people on the beat one time.” Wu Tang

“I’ve done a lot of things in my time but I have never performed in front of 175,000 people before.” Beyonce. Well you still haven’t tbf. Did The Streets, Kool & The Gang, Queens of the Stone Age and not forgetting Pete Tong play to no-one on the other stages?

“If you don’t like nouns becoming verbs then for heavens sake avoid Shakespeare who made a doing word out of a thing word every chance he got!” S. Fry

How do you keep your brain healthy when all around you is coming in at you like a steam train? Or is that just the fallout from the Sonar/Glastonbury axis… definitely happy Glastonbury’s not on next year. I need a proper holiday like. There’s no point banging on about the horror and indeed the hope that I found in that field on the weekend… you’ll get all that next week! Better that you check out Jack Le Pen’s scurrilous lies and rumours about said field of avalon. You should hear what Michael Eavis has got to say mate.

Strike, strike… 3 massive high street shops closing, loadsa strike action, world debt non-recoverable, Lloyds Bank cutting 15,000 jobs worldwide… my, my the world’s in a fantastic state at the moment isn’t it?! Anyway, these bloody teachers shouldn’t be complaining… they got ‘gold-plated’ pensions. Listen to David when he says ‘do not strike’… he who must be obeyed. And of course you should work till 68… that way more of you’ll be dead and we won’t have to pay you that non-existent pension. Seriously tho, what is Michael Gove? I know people can’t help how they look but you just don’t trust the shiny face do you…

Found out what a Barry Atric, sorry bariatric surgeon was this week. That was interesting. Barrrrry.

Canadians await Will & Kate’s visit… I for one can barely deal with the fact they’re actually out the country!

‘Status, it’s complicated. Has Facebook peaked?’ Really interesting article on facebook in the Independent a week or so ago.

Danny Daze
– this must be a piss take…? It’s a very, very good piss take! Milli Vanilli meets Spinal Tap meets Underground Resistance!

Completely missed this ‘viral’ mail sent by a future mother-in-law on manners. They’ve even brought an ‘expert’ in to discuss it on the BBC as I sit here… am I that out of touch with everyday life to not give a ff?

Tons of carbon emitted. How much does 6 eggs produce? Twice that of a bottle of wine anyway! Great book I gots given for me birthday that Information is Beautiful

Airlines risk court action over debit cards – hahahahahaha.

Koi Birth?? WTF

Daily sh&t

Enjoy language… love it:

Wimbledon – blimey, Federer out, Murray might even have a pop at this.

How bad is Tesco food…? this cheesecake I just bought has the consistency of boot polish/swarfega. Eat a lot of that I do… and I don’t buy cheesecake to replicate it. What do other people think of it? Umm… 4 stars? Are all your reviewers Tesco employees?
Jesus, move on Wil…

I’m a cat, no wait I’m a bunny.

Miniature art on the tip of a pencil.

Glastonbury balearia as the sun wasn’t going down. It was even shining… it was raining. Still, made lying in a hammock in torrential downpours seem a whole lot better. Nice one Pathaan.



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