This Week 26/8


Righty-ho then.

It’s pissing with rain outside in sub-zero temperatures and it’s supposed to be the height of summer – seeing as it’s the bank holiday shall we dispense with all the bad-ities in our world… mexico drugs wars, bodies in bags, tiger woods’ divorce (give a ssht about that anyway?!) and bring some sunshine into the weekend. To tell you the truth I’ve barely paid attention to what’s been going on in the world this week, it’s been quite liberating.

I think it’s important for us first, all of us to realise… that all ducks were dog wear masks!

Nike has applied for a patent for an automatic lacing systemBack to the Future has almost arrived! God, how much do I want a pair of them?! The chance of them in a 14 is a possibly unattainable dream tho… look at the size of Mr Fox! Jesus, check out the geekery here. Someone’s made a wowww wowww dvvvvvvv dvvv style dubstep BTF sampling track! God, it goes on forever. And ever.

Right, finally I get to hand over to Louis and his amazing array of linkage he’s handed my way over the past month. Enjoy… a lot!

Amazing video! Watch it on full screen at high definition, it will take a few minutes to download, but it’s worth it.
Apparently the full 7 hour, 246 Gb version is available to download for those in need.
Alberto Balsalm – Steel Version

Most amusing interview with him.
Bet you want one of these: mystery circuits drumsette.
Subtle drummer at the wrong gig
Dyson fans
– The other week I noticed that they had one on the info desk at the British Museum – not the best use of our funds i thought.
Wall of Shatner

Inside Fruit

Vote for basil to be tennessee’s next governor – there are policies for everyone
Daft Punk helmet made from scratch

Now you can get rid of all your records

Was that worth the wait? Oi reckon mate… there’s a beauty and depth in that linkage that I’ll never attain! :)

Right, soon forward as Mr gregory of isaacs once said:

“Expect huge crowds, soundsystems and great food @ Notting Hill Carnival” Yeah mate, the 6music entertainment specialist is well on it! He sounds like Tony Blair too…

Jesus, i gotta get off… must go have some fun this weekend make it all better… EE on sunday is going to be truly epic… please don’t rain before, i wan go carnival and have some fun afore hand!


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