This Week 11/2


how’s the alien hand syndrome coming on? mine’s working out a treat… def something joe c could blame lots of his exploits on. must mention it to him.

have you noticed that bloody everyone’s got a beard at the moment… amongst my friends they seem to be rife… i was asked last night why the hell i didn’t have one… now i think it’s important to be honest here… i can’t grow one! at the age of 29 when i was in india a couple of years back i attempted one, what a nosher! a month and all i had to show for it was a load of patchwork! my girlfriend asked me to please shave it off as i looked like a child molester… think she had a point. 3 days of growth and i’m considering it… but images of last time just come flooding back! Anyway, beard over… did karaoke versions of Sinatra’s My Way provoke killings in the Philippines? It’s a centaur tattoo. No, wait, it’s a Patrick Swayze centaur tattoo. No, we’ve got it: it’s a Patrick Swayze centaur Chippendale tattoo. Unbelievable, if only I had that sort of taste! Save 6music – the BBC is talking about axeing it… now that would be a crying shame. Possibly the only station that holds any interest to me… and they’re taking it away :( the who @ superbowl halftime – absolute tripe… brilliant. two words: GIVE UP. Wow, go see the Chris Ofili exhibition at the Tate Britain. I went on Sat, it’s fantastic. Just joyous and great to see it all in one place. Bit of an art overload on Sat actually; Daphne Wrait , Philip Guston & Edwina Leapman. What’s going on there then? Loved it… I’ll leave you with two very important definitions of both forms of Spam meat and Spam mail. Important OK… don’t forget em! Check out Jim’s review of Four Tet’s new LP – the more I listen to this album over the past few weeks the more I think it’s complete genius. Ian’s review of David Guetta is priceless too! Oop and a new Knife album…

Fair well? Well I could do with a bit of sun to sort my gingerness out actually. Ta ta Wx ————————————————————————————————- If youre interested in getting involved with us, be it writing, musing or you simply have something you want to impart to the rest of the world, get in touch