Die-Cut #8 Forever

Dear Internet, 
So many things have filled you this week, which could make me rant forever.
The Trollies back in the game trying to put a man down by linking him to some really crazy folks. The pre battles of the world Brex-dance-it championship to be held in the UK in 2016, with it’s frontrunner super brex-dancer Boris. Dodgy Dave being dodgy for life, crew love. The queen’s 90th birthday bash at one of her London luxury flats with DJ Bama featuring Michelle at the majestic afterparty. O.G. Osborne doing the moonwalk. The highest price ever paid for a second hand IPhone. Me maybe getting prosecuted by the German state, just like some other fella, for publicly insulting a dodgy state's man. And so many more, a really loaded week.
But all this doesn’t matter today. PRINCE has died. 
And while you fill up with tributes to this genius wonderful unique artist, and rain on us the sadness we all share, I must repeat the words my father answered to me, when I send him the news: "Yes lots (of sadness). But we spend so many good moments thanks to him“. That’s all that matters in the end of the day, I guess. We are here to dance, to laugh, to have fun, to fuck, to love, to enjoy, to get high and to feel free while we listen to music. No matter where you come from or what you believe or whatsoever. Leave your controversy at home, but be sure about what gives you good moments and inspiration. Music.
You will truly LIVE FOREVER, because your music will.