Asking For A Friend #29


You'd think that by this point Mitch Davis's friend would've run out of questions – or at least been taken to see a mental health professional by a concerned onlooker. However, these options do not even begin to enter the picture and once more we've got a weekly dose of peculiar quizzicals for you to have a cheeky giggle at – kicking off with the delightful creature above;

If there's a Unicorn in your bath, does it mean the mushrooms haven't worn off yet? Asking for a friend.

Anyone looking for an experienced kitchen porter? Asking for a friend.

Why don't I get invited to any parties? Asking for a friend.

Is it ok for a man in his forties to go trick or treating on his own? Asking for a friend.

Why doesn't anyone ring or text anymore? Asking for a friend.

Will sellotaping Frazzles to your arm help wean yourself off carcinogenic bacon sandwiches? Asking for a friend.

Anyone want to go out with me? Asking for a friend.

Anyone looking for a cheap Air BnB in leafy Hertfordshire? Asking for a friend.

Is Marion Cotillard single? Asking for a friend.

Anyone want to buy cheap tickets to a cracking owl sanctuary in Norfolk? Asking for a friend.

Anybody want a free boat? Must be able to collect from Dungeness. (Preferably unaccompanied) Asking for a friend.

Any ladies care to join me on my new sofa this evening? Asking for a friend.

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