The Nomad Cinema Pops Up For Xmas

Art & Culture

We all love a good Christmas film, be it sat at home with a fat Baileys and a new onesie, or showing off our vile & cosy knitwear with a coronary size carton of popped corn. If you fancy getting closer to the winter celluloid action, The Nomad Cinema has found a new oasis for it's camel, Lewis. Tucked away in Eccleston Place Courtyard near Victoria, you can enjoy a 4 day cine-feast including Gremlins, Die Hard, Love Actually and of course It's A Wonderful Life. As usual with The Nomad, 100% of profits go to The Sustainability Institute in South Africa, so you can feel happy that your annual gorging on all things cinammon and/or alcoholic will be going some small way to making a difference. 

The Nomad Cinema Xmas starts on 10th December. For more info and tickets look HERE