Sleaford Mods Doc Director Crowdfunding New Film On Social Housing

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Director Paul Sng has won numerous plaudits for his recent documentary Sleaford Mods – Invisible Britain. Less of a traditional rockumentary, more an indictment of the shit state of life in the UK under David Cameron, Invisible Britain followed the Sleaford as they played in the decaying social clubs and knackered small towns of the country. There was obviously plenty that Sng saw whilst making the film to inspire his next project: Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle. Currently being crowdfunded over on Indiegogo, Paul, alongside BBC4 director Lee Skelly, have announced that they want to use the docuementary to expose the continuing breakdown of Britain's social housing stock- as they put it

The film will examine:
-Why local authorities and housing associations have failed to build a sufficient number of council homes. 
-How they have colluded with property developers to demolish and 'regenerate' council estates such as the Heygate, Red Road, Bransholme and Robin Hood Gardens for profit.
-Why Balfron Tower, Park Hill and billions of pounds worth of council assets have been transferred to housing associations or sold off to property developers, who are reneging on housing low-income people in such properties.
-How housing associations received in excess of £62 billion in funding, yet built only 26,000 new homes a year between 2000-2014, half the number required.

With home ownership plummeting amongst all but the wealthiest, it's hard not to see how the story of Britain's social housing being stripmined for public profit isn't a pretty accurate reflectoin of the country as a whole. Check out a trailer below, and head over to the film's pledge page here to help get a vital story told… 


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