Hackney Wicked Presents ‘Diy Open Studios’

Art & Culture

Have an interest in architecture and a passion for up and coming artists? Hackney WickED have got you covered. On Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th of June, Hackney WickED will be presenting DIY Open Studios as part of the London Festival of Architecture.

Hackney WickED is a dynamic force for promoting local culture and it's DIY Open Studios is a true example of their dedication to providing local artsits a platform to showcase their hard work. The theme for the London Festival of Architecture this month is 'work in progress.' This theme is a suitable one for the resourceful and collaborative nature of Hackney Wick so the work featured in this year's Open Studio will be especially interesting to see. If you do end up taking a gander over at the event, you may even find something that catches your eye and yes, you may very well be able to buy it. So go on, go support some local artists. Besides, it's free!

For more information on the Open Studios click here.