British independent film DEMON set to premiere online at Cinequest Film Festival

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British Independent film DEMON will premiere online at the Oscar qualifying 31st Cinequest Film Festival in the US for a limited time, between March 20th-30th 2021.

The film stars Birmingham-born actor Ryan Walker-Edwards as Ralph, an office worker who flees London after an unpaid train fine comes back to haunt him. He finds a temporary hideout in a forest motel which soon becomes a nightmarish purgatory, where emerging ghosts of the past force him to confront the loss of his father.

DEMON is the first film from new British Film Company ‘Zersetzung’ that’s pursuing the simple aim of diversifying away from stagnant establishment ideals and redefining the parameters by which we aspire to make movies in the UK.

The film was directed by George Louis Bartlett and cowritten by Theo MacDonald with Cinematography by Hsien Yu Niu. Starring alongside Ryan Walker-Edwards are Jacob Hawley, Rachel Jackson, Imola Gaspar, David Schaal, Gary Beadle and Gemma Redgrave. The film also features music by electronic artist Sempra, from Draconian Audio, and Dennis Bovell. 

Cinequest Film & VR Festival located in San Jose and Redwood City, combines the cinematic arts with Silicon Valley’s innovation.

Watch the full trailer below…

Watch HERE. Read our interview with Ryan Walker-Edwards about the making of the film.