Ramen Diaries #2

Art & Culture

On his recent move to Japan LS has been able to sample this most satisfying of dishes on regular occasions. In the 2nd of a regular series he's sampling Negi Ramen in Shinbashi.

Hakata Furyu – Shinbashi, Tokyo

Negi Ramen

A silky rich Hakata soup, with a large side plate of spring onion (negi). Thin, firm noodles, and pork so soft it's impossible to pick up in one piece. The crunchy mushrooms add texture, but as usual nothing else. The egg can be astonishingly good in these, but this one is fairly bland. A popular place though – there is a queue out the front door at lunch time.  


650 (about 4.10) 



Remember: Hungry, not hipster (ed)