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04.02.2012  – RHYTHM FACTORY, LONDON 10PM – 5AM


As the festive season's physical, financial and existential hangovers dissipate into the ether of a new year like Christmas dinner gas into a crowded church hall at midnight, Wholemeal dusts itself off and steps up to the plate to provide an evening of dancing, merriment and cutting edge electronics from four of the nicest men in dance music.

Heading the bill is techno cosmonaut October. As head of the hugely influential Caravan Recordings and more recently the widely lauded Tanstaafl label, formed with Berlin's John Osborn, he has been a mainstay of Bristol's burgeoning four to the floor scene for many years, providing an experienced hand, advice, studio time and love from his studio Behind The Red Door to many of the city's up and coming artists. His own productions spray a warm, analogue splattering of soul onto a canvas of abyssaly deep techno and cosmic house music.

Joining him is Merseyside machine perverter and the UK's answer to Omar S, John Heckle. Since being picked up by Sandwell District's Regis two years ago, his strictly hardware live sets have become the stuff of legend. Subsequent signings to Mathematics and Tabernacle have bolstered his position at the head of the techno table and we're extremely excited to welcome him to Wholemeal for a couple of hours of mind-shattering, earth-melting sonic wizardry.

Next up is a man who's name has, over the years become synonymous with everything that's right about London's home-grown house music scene. West Norwood Cassette Library has been in the game for well over a decade, pushing out slab after slab of gorgeous, crackly, groovy house music which both nods to the past and looks to the future from his South London command centre. Ask anyone who knows, and they'll tell you Bob is the friendliest gentleman to ever wield an acetate lathe.

Rounding off the bill in fine style is All Caps member and subcity radio's musical catherine wheel Bake. The young Glaswegian has been garnering attention and praise from all the right quarters, turning in explosive, carefully selected sets all over the country. We can't wait for him to get on the platters and shower us with some of his fine fine house music knowledge.

All backed up, of course, by the Wholemeal residents.