random slices #24

Art & Culture
The Wellcome Collection usually hosts medical/science related exhibitions, but theyve taken a swing east for this one and have put together a show of outsider art from Japan. I kind of gather that the link is the psychological angle, that these artists are on the fringes of society and the edge of madness. But, really, if youre not mad, you probably wouldnt be an artist in the first place. Anyway, go check it out – over 300 pieces of Japanese oddity on display, summet for every shade of nutter.
Its that time of year when, for one day only, gambling isnt a hideous, deluded form of self mutilation but, infact, a harmless form of fun for all the family. Thats right, its the Grand National. Pawn your grandmother’s jewelry, take that weird awkward annual trip to the bookies and put everything on the horse that takes your fancy. Not that Im a tipster or anything, but a little bird tells me that teaforthree is a very good bet at 14-1.