Monki To Mix Fabriclive 81

Art & Culture

Those of you that have been eagerly awaiting the next fabric release won't be waiting too much longer. 'FABRICLIVE 81' mixed by BBC Radio 1's DJ Monki will launch on the 1st of May before hitting stands later in the month on the 14th.

A long time admirer of the FABRICLIVE series, Monki's mix is full of energy with cuts from Mella Dee, Bot & Tony Quattro, DJ Technic, Floorplan, DJ Haus, Danny Daze & 214 and more. The mix also features vocal dubs from Chimpo and Slick Don over Melé and Gage tracks, giving them a little shine and Monki touch. 

The launch night will feature a larger than usual Monki and Friends line-up including Melé, Cause and Affect, Mickey Pearce, Mella Dee, Champion and Toyc B2B Zulu. 

“I bought a lot of the FABRICLIVE CDs, Toddla T’s one was playing in my car all the time as a yout. FABRICLIVE 81 definitely represents my style, high energy with some breaks in there to catch your breath. Everything has a groove.” – Monki 

For tickets and information on the launch of 'FABRICLIVE 81' click here. Pre-order 'FABRICLIVE 81' here.