Club Night To Encourage People To Vote Taking Place In Ramsgate

Art & Culture

The East Kent Reality Party are running for election in South Thanet – aiming for the same spot Nigel Farage is trying to secure his first seat in. To help raise awareness of the issues surrounding the election, the Reality Party are running a series of events in Ramsgate's King's Theatre, with the aim of encouraging people to get out and vote – whatever their political leaning. The 3 day event runs from May 1st – 3rd, and features DJing from Don Letts, a dedicated day of Ska Music, and a final day showcasing local Ramsgate talent.

"In Thanet," The Reality Party write, "people have become so disillusioned with local and national government that less than 65% voted in the last local election. One of We Are The Reality Party's main aims is to get more people engaged in the electoral process and to put a cross on the ballot paper – even if it isn't for them!!"

"The local race for MP in South Thanet this year has become a high profile affair with UKIP leader Nigel Farage, Al Murray aka Pub Landlord and of course Reality’s own candidate and real local pub landlord Nigel Askew all standing in what looks like a hotly contested seat with 11 PPC's standing altogether."

You can find more details of the event over on The Reality Party's Facebook page.