Chapter 10 To Host Anal House Meltdown

Art & Culture

Chapter 10 are melting down the house. The anal house to be specific (Tread very carefully with this one – Ed.). They're bringing that Anal House Meltdown party to London's Corsica Studios on 17th October in what can only be described as one of the most likely to be censored events of the 2015 calendar.

With words like 'International Faggotry' adorning their advertisements, the line-up will feature Fiedel, Mike Servito, Lakuti and Jacob Meehan alongside DJs from both Chapter 10 and Anal House Meltdown.

Now's when we'd generally try to get in a witty sign-off but there's too much of a risk of being fired (You're damn right – Ed.).

Chapter 10 X Anal House Meltdown takes place on 17th October at Corsica Studios, London – grab your tickets here.