Ana Helder, Goldffinch, Awanto 3 And More Lined Up For Renate Next Month

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The longstanding Berlin club has announced a series of dates across July which features a comprehensive representation of some of the most exciting faces in dance and electronic music at present. Names to be announced so far include the likes of Cinnaman, Igor Tipura, Eduardo De La Calle, Borusiade, Charlotte Bendiks, Yapacc and more with a variety of producers, live acts and disc jockeys being drafted in from far and wide. Other guests set to play at the club include Comeme stalwart Ana Helder, Goldffinch who is best known for releases on Innervisions, Awanto 3 of Dekmantel and Al Kassian. The full list of dates and appearances can be seen below: 

Freitag 06.07.2018 – 23:55 RENATES HEIMKINDER 

DACHSHUND /// fantastic friends, bar 25

NICOLAS DUVOISIN /// fantastic friends

YAPACC /// fantastic friends, perlon

REBER /// fantastic friends, baile musik

GIORGIO MAULINI /// fantastic friends, undergoundtown

LIVIU GROZA /// fantastic friends, rekids

DUB RESORT /// things you like

JACK JENSON /// exploited ghetto, renate

SWAM:THING /// renate

Samstag 07.07.2018 – 23:55 3 JAHRE FRAUENGEDECK 

ANA HELDER /// cómeme

ANNIE HALL /// semantica

BORUSIADE /// cómeme, citi trax

CHARLOTTE BENDIKS /// correspondant

DASCO /// mint

LAURA DE VASCONCELOS /// party colare, zona

POLLY PHONE /// unter freund:innen

PURITA D. /// killekill

SABINE HOFFMANN /// frauengedeck, oye records

TIGERHEAD /// killekill

Freitag 13.07.2018 – 20:55 FRESH ERA – 23H NONSTOP RENATE & ELSE                                 

EDUARDO DE LA CALLE /// analog solutions, hivern discs, cadenza

ANJA ZAUBE /// nemorous rec

ANDRE FAU /// trash era

ALEX CLICHÉ /// glow

ERTA ALE /// dj international, octavibes




ASWAD DJ /// trash era



Samstag 14.07.2018 – 10:00 FRESH ERA – PART 2 (DAY) @ ELSE

JEROME HILL /// super rhythm trax

A SAGITTARIUN /// elastic dreams, hypercolour

DEEPNEUE /// trash era

LIPSTICK TRASH /// trash era

Samstag 14.07.2018 – 23:55 PRETTY/UGLY 

IGOR TIPURA /// kitjen

JAMIE BLANCO /// cynic, london housing trust, tusk wax

BOBBY PLEASURE /// pleasure club

BUDINO /// oscillator

THE SWIFT /// renate, voyager

OCCASSION VIBRATION /// occassion vibration, portland

VVICKY /// glory hole, makumba

Donnerstag 19.07.2018 – 22:00 BORDEL DES ARTS 

NICONÉ /// dantze

MAT.JOE /// off, semester 

MIMI LOVE /// kater holzig

NIKO SCHWIND /// stil vor talent, katermukke

THE CHEAPERS /// upon you

ASEM SHAMA /// sportclub, highgrade rec, burnzzz rec


SOKOOL /// heinz music



MUTLU /// bar25, kater blau 

Freitag 20.07.2018 – 23:55 4 YEARS LOVE ON THE ROCKS

AL KASSIAN /// planet sundae, love on the rocks

CANI /// zombies in miami

DAS KOMPLEX /// love on the rocks

DJ KAOS /// jolly jams

DR. CONDIMENTS /// melbourne, tabasco condoms

ELLES /// love on the rocks

ETBONZ  /// love on the rocks, bahnsteig 23

OMER /// cocktail d'amore, love on the rocks

PHILIPP GROSSER /// love on the rocks

ROLLERCOASTER KAI /// ssub rosaa

SAMUEL GIEBEN /// love on the rocks

VIOLET /// naive, love on the rocks

Samstag 21.07.2018 – 23:55 OBEN UNTEN ÜBERALL

GOLDFFINCH /// innervisions, turbo, fuse rec.

BLEAK /// delsin, drh, naura

CINNAMAN /// rush hour

JETTI & POST /// bar rotterdam


SADO OPERA`S LOVE RADIO /// sado palace, renate

Donnerstag 26.07.2018 – 23:00 THE HOUSE OF RED DOORS – MIDSUMMER DREAMS

JACOB PHONO /// highgrade, tonkind

L_CIO – live /// kompakt, d_edge

JUAN RAMOS /// esp institute, cocktail d'amore

SARIN /// aufnahme + wiedergabe

PHILIPP STROBEL /// aufnahme + wiedergabe

MELANIA. /// aufnahme + wiedergabe

PEAK /// renate schallplatten

TOMISLAV /// banane, bordel des arts

S RUSTON /// ghettozoid 

Freitag 27.07.2018 – 23:55 HENRIETTE HOUSE 

EJECA /// aus, poker flat

AWANTO 3 /// rush hour, dekmantel

PEAK  /// renate schallplatten

MICHAL ZIETARA /// renate, pets, osba

THE VANDELAYS /// oye records, renate

NYN /// tokyo redlight, renate

Samstag 28.07.2018 – 23:55 510K X RENATE 

TOLGA FIDAN – live /// vakant

SPACETRAVEL /// perlon, time passages

ALEXKID /// wu-dubs, rekids

ALISON SWING /// dig deeper, renate

HOMEBOY /// house is ok, renate

All dates can be found HERE