Comedy Slices #38

Art & Culture

Here again, dishing up another juicy slice of comedy. This weeks filling is a blend comprising of a hefty portion of big names, an education in pop music and a dash of comedy rants.  

Thursday 20th – The Arts Emergency – Hackney Empire 

This night launches The Arts Emergency Service, a foundation created by artists, activists and academics to create privilege for those without privilege and keep the doors of the university open to all. A noble cause but what about the nights entertainment? Does it live up to the cause? Well, Josie Long hosts with a line-up that  includes Stephen K Amos. Mark Watson. Jake and Dinos Chapman, Tim Key, The British Humanist Association Choir and author Joe Dunthorne to name but a few. And to top it off patron Stewart Lee will be giving out publicly funded art (make of that what you will.) So, all in all  a pretty epic eclectic night of artists, novelists, comedians befitting this foundations cause.  One not to be missed

Saturday 22th –  Greg Proops – Soho Theatre

There is something immensely satisfying about a rant,  though the victims you vent to must be chosen with care. A rant to the wrong person can easily slide into a venomous tirade, or end up winding you up even more if the person insists on being the voice of “reason” (rants aren’t meant to be reasonable, so get out my face Mr Nice Guy). However, a comedian’s rants are a whole different ball game. It is a group therapy with laughter. Everyone has fun, especially when the group is in the hands of comedian from Whose Line Is It Anyway?King of lengthy diatribes, master of the comedy rant – Greg Proops.

Thursday 27th  – Frisky & Mannish – London Wonderland

Remember when your mum kept harking on about practice makes perfect as you manage to create the sound of a cat dying on your instrument of choice that week (perhaps more for her own sanity than the desire for the clarinet). Comedy is a prime example of  the truth of this principle. Perfecting an act takes time and repetition so what better way to guarantee a faultless night of comedy than with a past smash hit sensation? In celebration of five years as a comedy cabaret duo Frisky and Mannish are performing one off shows of their three sell-out Edinburgh hits. So if you missed the show that propelled them into the Big Time – School of Pop, this is your chance to catch it – a tried and tested winning formula. 

Holly Hyde-Smith