Premiere: Supreems Ft. Kamohelo – Lahla Boy

5 Minute Read

Off The Meds vocalist Kamohelo features on a new track taken from the new Supreems album.

Stories would be told about him one day, that was for certain. As the sun began to set he looked out over his small village and considered his options, might he run away or stay and fight. The light was fading slowly and it felt symbolic of the way in which his own time was running out.

Never had he imagined he might be forced out like this, yet his truth was all that mattered now and the stories that he’d leave behind would go down to be those of mischief and meander. Perhaps it was always supposed to be this way, a Lahla boy running wild and free with no place to go.


Supreems is set to release a new album on the newly launched Sweet Sun. It features a number of emotive electronic cuts channeling elements of broken beat, breaks, UK bass and beyond. This track features vocals from Off the Meds affiliated vocalist Kamohelo.

Listen below: