Brian Nasty releases new EP on Big Dada

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The London-based rapper, producer, model, illustrator, photographer, skater and amateur chess player has just released a new record.

‘Growing Pains’ was released on the 5th of May and marks Brian Nasty’s most important music to date. It’s described as being a self reflective record which focusses on where he comes from, his background, roots and influences which he explains as follows:

“Learning about where you come from isn’t always painless or easy. ‘Growing Pains’ is an all encompassing look at who I am, where I’m coming from, and where I want to be. Going down the path yourself can be scary, but It’s important to be doing what I care about most.”

The record features five tracks and is perhaps Brian’s most abstract and far reaching musically to date.


The usual playful lyricism is well placed alongside deep grooves, percussion and downtempo influences which reflects a deep narrative of self discovery and exploration.

he EP cover art — created by Brian himself — features a collection of family portraits, an acknowledgment of the important role they have played, and will continue to play in his journey.