Premiere: Because of Art – Ethereal

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Because of Art

With releases on the likes of Skream and Sasha’s labels thus far, now he sets up shop on Anja Schneider’s Sous Music

There were all sorts of shimmering shapes and colours floating atop the water as he watched perched upon a boat heading down stream. They moved softly on the rolling waves as they travelled through the old town – onlookers gazed out upon the spectacle, they say nestled amidst the reeds on the shore.

For some of them it would be the first time that they had ever seen a parade or procession as grand and fantastic as this – the wild colours were electric and ethereal aboard the floating ships. It were as if they’d touched down from outer space.

Because of Art is a producer who is receiving wide acclaim and support from some of the biggest and best dj’s out there. This is a forthcoming single on Anja Schneider’s label.