The Knife’s Olof Dreijer releases new music on Hessle Audio

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A new track has been released by the label, the first new solo material from Olof Dreijer for some time.

Olof Dreijer has released a new single via Hessle Audio, the record label run by Ben UFO, Pearson Sound and Pangaea. ‘Rosa Rogosa’ was announced this week and is available to purchase via Bandcamp with the single acting as a turning point in Olof’s musical trajectory as he repositions himself towards the dancefloor.

As a member of Swedish electronic pop group The Knife, Olof’s music has never been bound by the constraints or stereotypes of genre – often channeling playful elements throughout. He has released independently, with his work as Oni Ayhun having received acclaim and plays over many years.


The connection to Hessle Audio began via Ben UFO’s inclusion of his music in the Melodies International ‘Record Club’ series in 2021.

The new track features abstract, floating melodies which dance atop a scattered array of percussion and shuffling sounds.

Listen below: