Premiere: Pigeon Steve – Chuffalump

5 Minute Read

Stupendous slow moving Electronics from a fresh faced Glasgow producer.

Lurking beneath the bridges, this was said to be a creature that was never seen by daylight. Perhaps that was because few feared to visit the trenches to find out what mischief it had been causing down there as of late… It was rumoured to live alongside the river which flowed through the old park and the old parts of the city which had become overgrown but for the occasional wanderer looking for something lost.

It was called the Chuffalump, a magical creature who was said to escort people into the outer reaches of the night and lead them in a merry dance of witchy mystery. Some sought to find it and become friends, others feared that it might warp their tiny minds leaving them but a mere semblance of their former selves…


Pigeon Steve is a familiar face amidst the underground music community in Glasgow. This is the first outing on a newly launched record label called Future State and the record has been described as a ‘certified trip’. We certify the claim and reckon this one will certainly do well in the small uncertain hours of the morning.

Listen below: