Special Arturia event includes announcement of new Synthesizer

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Written by Alasdair King

The music technology company makes a bold statement with release of new products.

Arturia have announced the release of several new products as part of a special online event which demonstrated the capabilities of several new items.

Perhaps the most exciting announcement came in the form of the new Minifreak – a dynamic algorithmic synthesizer which has been engineered by modular synth experts who have worked to create 22 sounds which span a variety of pen-source oscillator modes.

The Rendez-vous event also saw Arturia release a new controller in the form of the Minilab 3, the latest edition in the highly successful series includes new controls for altering midi parameters.


The announcement was arguably one of the biggest and most prominent in the history of Arturia who have emerged as one of the pioneering forces in modern music technology.

Other products announced on the day included the Arturia Minifuse 4 and a new software instrument in the form of the Augmented Grand Piano.

The full event and all the product announcements can be seen in more detail below: