Pioneer Dj Launch New Plx-500 Turntable


Many have tried to challenge Technics status as the top provider of DJ turntables; all have failed. That isn't stopping Pioneer DJ from having a crack. The company have just launched a new deck aimed at the home listening/ lower budget DJ market. The PLX-500 is based on a similar design to it's predecessor, the more expensive PLX-1000, although currently we're not entirely sure what you don't get when you step down from the 1000 to the 500. Probably weaker torque, but don't quote us!

One feature that may attract buyers is the deck's built-in USB port, allowing it to be directly run into a laptop for ripping vinyl. The deck can also be used as an MP3 controller (in the manner of Serato/Traktor), but only if combined with the correct mixer and Pioneer's timecode vinyl. The PLX-500 will set you back around £300 a deck, and seeing as it's made by Pioneer it seems fair to assume that for that money you're not going to get stuck with a total dog. Here's their little promo video where they've managed to get Kenny Dope chatting as though he uses anything other than Technics. Yeah, alright, chinny reckon Kenny… 

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